Progress Report January 2024
February 10 2024 - 2024-02-10T12:00:00-03:00

Welcome to 2024, yuz-ers! What better way to begin the year than to do major code refactors resulting in almost full applet support. We present this, and plenty more, to you today! Remember to right click and unmute the embedded videos.

Progress Report December 2023
January 10 2024 - 2024-01-10T12:00:00-03:00

Happy New Year, yuz-ers! We say goodbye to 2023 with several great changes, ranging from driver fixes to big memory savings, and quite a bit in between! Let’s go.

Progress Report November 2023
December 18 2023 - 2023-12-18T12:00:00-03:00

Hello there, yuz-ers! November brought us many GPU fixes, followed shortly by driver fixes, significant Android/ARM changes, more applet work, new input projects, and much more!

Progress Report October 2023
November 16 2023 - 2023-11-16T12:00:00-03:00

Hello yuz-ers! This past month, we got a plethora of GPU fixes, support for new applets, a lot of work poured into the Android builds, some interesting news of the future, and more. Let’s get to it!

Progress Report September 2023
October 20 2023 - 2023-10-20T12:00:00-03:00

Hi yuz-ers! Last month has been interesting, and we’re excited to report what we’ve been up to. Miis come out to play, GPU changes, Android improvements, and more! Let’s get into it.

Progress Report August 2023
September 13 2023 - 2023-09-13T12:00:00-03:00

Tuturu~ yuz-ers. Did you feel that the last report was too short? Well, August was at full throttle! This month offers important graphical fixes, developers working around GPU limitations, several long overdue file system fixes, Skyline framework support, some Android and Apple love, and more!

Progress Report July 2023
August 13 2023 - 2023-08-13T06:45:00+05:30

Hey there, yuz-ers! Welcome back to our monthly report on all the improved features, performance gains, and bug fixes we’ve made. Let’s jump right in!

Progress Report June 2023
July 10 2023 - 2023-07-10T12:00:00-03:00

Hello again, yuz-ers! Our devs, old and new, show no signs of slowing down. This month we have general performance and stability improvements, many graphics bug fixes, Android gets its first wave of improvements, and much more! Helmets on, let’s ride.

Progress Report May 2023
June 17 2023 - 2023-06-17T12:00:00-03:00

What a month! GOAT releases, yuzu ventures onto new platforms, we get a taste of Project Gaia, full Amiibo support, further Project Y.F.C., and a lot more! Put on your safety belt and start playing some eurobeat, this will be a long ride.

New Platform Release - yuzu on Android
May 30 2023 - 2023-05-30T00:00:00+05:30

Hey there, yuz-ers! We are happy to announce that yuzu is available, today, for Android! There’s so much to discuss and show you, let’s get started!

Progress Report April 2023
May 10 2023 - 2023-05-10T12:00:00-03:00

Hello yuz-ers! There were fewer individual changes this month, but the changes that were made are substantial! You won’t want to miss this.

Progress Report March 2023
April 10 2023 - 2023-04-10T12:00:00-03:00

Hi yuz-ers! We’ve been working hard as usual, and this March saw improvements in performance, graphics, audio, CPU precision, input, and much more!

Progress Report February 2023
March 12 2023 - 2023-03-12T12:00:00-03:00

Hello yuz-ers! This month has seen changes across all aspects of yuzu. We have improvements in the GPU, Kernel, Services, Input, User Interface and Experience, Driver related rants, and more!

Progress Report January 2023
February 11 2023 - 2023-02-11T12:00:00-03:00

New year, more work to do! 2023 started with a plethora of graphical changes, audio and input improvements, TAS and LAN/LDN fixes, and more! Stay tuned yuz-ers, this is just the start of what’s to come this year!

Progress Report December 2022
January 10 2023 - 2023-01-10T12:00:00-03:00

Hello yuz-ers. What a year! We ended 2022 with more yuzu Fried Chicken, Vulkan changes, a new input driver, an exorbitant amount of kernel work, more performance, better visuals, and much more!

Progress Report November 2022
December 10 2022 - 2022-12-10T12:00:00-03:00

As a dear friend likes to say, meowdy yuwu-zers! This month is special: a report detailing the uphill battle for the release of new titles in the goliath franchise that is Pokémon, adventures on new architecture lands, and a list of fixes and improvements that were made along the way. Fasten your seat-belts, here we go!

Progress Report October 2022
November 06 2022 - 2022-11-06T12:00:00-03:00

Greetings, dear yuz-ers! What a month we’ve had. A dozen graphical fixes, big kernel changes, audio, input and amiibo fixes, and more! Don’t touch that dial, because we’re just getting started!

Progress Report September 2022
October 18 2022 - 2022-10-18T12:00:00-03:00

Hello yuz-ers! We have so much to talk about this month. From game fixes, input changes, and quality of life improvements, to new gameplay options available to everyone!

Progress Report August 2022
September 16 2022 - 2022-09-16T10:00:00-03:00

Welcome back, yuz-ers! August was a month packed with progress. A plethora of graphical changes, kernel and file system improvements, and more work pumped into network emulation. Next slide, please!

New Feature Release - Local Wireless Multiplayer
September 11 2022 - 2022-09-11T01:40:00+05:30

Hey there, yuz-ers! The MOST awaited feature of yuzu, Local Wireless Multiplayer (LDN), is finally here! So what are you waiting for? Time to grab your friends and jump right in!

Progress Report July 2022
August 15 2022 - 2022-08-15T12:00:00-03:00

Hello yuz-ers, what a month we’ve had! Great graphical changes, an amazing audio rewrite, preliminary work on LDN support, testing new OpenGL drivers, and plenty of fixes! Continue reading to find out more.

New Feature Release - Installer for Linux
August 11 2022 - 2022-08-11T23:00:00+05:30

Hey there, yuz-ers! Guess what? We’ve got some news to share. We’re excited to announce that the yuzu installer now supports Linux! Let’s jump right in!

Progress Report June 2022
July 10 2022 - 2022-07-10T12:00:00-03:00

Dear yuz-ers, we had fantastic progress during June! Driver bugs are being squashed, there are kernel and CPU improvements, UI and input changes, and more!

Progress Report May 2022
June 12 2022 - 2022-06-12T17:50:00-03:00

Greetings yuz-ers. This time around, we’re covering small and incremental improvements to yuzu. Rest assured, we also have some major rewrites and improvements in the works, and we’ll touch on those near the end. Roll the tape!

Progress Report April 2022
May 11 2022 - 2022-05-11T12:00:00-03:00

Hello yuz-ers, the month of April has been amazing! We’ll discuss CPU and Kernel performance improvements, several GPU emulation changes, UI tweaks, and more!

Progress Report March 2022
April 10 2022 - 2022-04-10T12:00:00-03:00

Hi yuz-ers, glad to have you back. This month, we discuss an emulator inside an emulator, parts of Project Y.F.C. being added, graphical fixes for old and new titles, and more!

Progress Report February 2022
March 15 2022 - 2022-03-15T12:00:00-03:00

Glad to have you here, yuz-ers! This month, we’re proud to showcase a ton of kernel changes that finally fix long standing bugs, massive performance improvements, UI and input changes, and more!

Progress Report January 2022
February 11 2022 - 2022-02-11T12:00:00-03:00

What a month we’ve had, yuz-ers. This time, we offer you a plethora of kernel changes, input fixes and new additions, yet more NVIDIA driver fixes, user interface changes, and more!

Progress Report December 2021
January 11 2022 - 2022-01-11T12:00:00-03:00

Yuz-ers! Welcome to the last progress report of 2021, released in 2022 because we still haven’t figured out how to travel back in time. December brought us improved kernel emulation, fixes for driver issues, improvements to input, rendering, overall stability, and more!

Progress Report November 2021
December 10 2021 - 2021-12-10T12:00:00-03:00

Hello yuz-ers! Welcome to November’s progress report. This month, we present to you a full input rewrite, UI navigation with controllers, kernel changes resulting in improved stability, and more.

Progress Report October 2021
November 13 2021 - 2021-11-13T12:00:00-03:00

Hey there, yuz-ers! We’ve had quite an exciting month. Our most anticipated and highly requested feature, Resolution Scaling, is finally out! But we didn’t rest on our laurels, a host of other fixes were pushed this month and we can’t wait to tell you all about them!

New Feature Release - Resolution Scaler
October 24 2021 - 2021-10-24T07:12:00+05:30

Hey there, yuz-ers! For those of you eager to go beyond the limits of Switch hardware and experience the full potential of Switch games, the wait has finally ended. Our most requested and anticipated feature — the Resolution Scaler — is finally here!

Progress Report September 2021
October 11 2021 - 2021-10-11T12:00:00-03:00

Hi yuz-ers! Welcome to the latest entry of our monthly progress reports. We have even more GPU rendering fixes, TAS support, 8 player mayhem, input and UI changes, some preliminary work for future big changes, and more!

Progress Report August 2021
September 12 2021 - 2021-09-12T12:00:00-03:00

Welcome, yuz-ers, to our monthly report of developer perseverance and other happenings! In this recap, we’ll discuss Radeon fixes, Reaper v3, LAN support, smooth video rendering, and more!

Progress Report July 2021
August 12 2021 - 2021-08-12T12:00:00-03:00

Bienvenidos, yuz-ers, to our latest monthly progress report! We have a lot to talk about this month, so buckle up, ‘cause this will be one good ride!

Progress Report June 2021
July 16 2021 - 2021-07-16T12:00:00-03:00

Heya yuz-ers! Welcome to June’s progress report. This past month, we’ve had impressive CPU performance gains, the release of Project Reaper v1, critical audio fixes, an “unlimited” FPS toggle, tons of kernel changes, UI improvements, and more!

New Feature Release - Shader Decompiler Rewrite
July 10 2021 - 2021-07-10T03:40:00+05:30

Greetings, yuz-ers! The long awaited day is finally here. We are very excited to present to you, Project Hades, our shader decompiler rewrite! This massive update includes huge performance improvements, countless bug fixes, and more. Let’s get started!

Progress Report May 2021
June 10 2021 - 2021-06-10T12:00:00-03:00

Hola yuz-ers! It’s time yet again for another progress report! We have dozens of changes to discuss: Kernel fixes, input and UI improvements, graphical updates, the saga of the legendary dot, and even a method to procure extra VRAM!

New Feature Release - Fastmem Support
June 08 2021 - 2021-06-08T04:00:00+05:30

Hey there, yuz-ers! While all of you wait eagerly for the release of Project Hades, our shader decompiler rewrite, we thought we’d bring you a nice little surprise to keep you occupied. We present to you, the newest addition to yuzu’s ever-improving features list - Fastmem (Fast Memory Access)!

Progress Report April 2021
May 09 2021 - 2021-05-09T12:00:00-03:00

Howdy yuz-ers! Another month gone, another progress report written. From new firmware versions to Vulkan fixes, we have quite a bit to talk about, so let’s get right into it!

Progress Report March 2021
April 10 2021 - 2021-04-10T12:00:00-03:00

Hi yuz-ers, we’re here with the March progress report to offer you our latest news! We continue to update the Kernel, some considerations have been made for specific hardware, we have several changes and fixes to discuss, and we have a sneak peek at the progress on Project Hades.

New Feature Release - Applet Overlays
April 03 2021 - 2021-04-03T01:00:00+05:30

Hey there, yuz-ers! Have you ever thought of enjoying yuzu on your TV, relaxing on your couch, but found our user interface cumbersome? Thanks to the efforts of our developers Morph and Rei, yuzu has taken a massive step forward in making couch gaming comfy. Let’s dig in!

Progress Report February 2021
March 10 2021 - 2021-03-10T12:00:00-03:00

Welcome back yuz-ers, welcome to City 17 February’s progress report! This time we will talk about Vulkan performance improvements, audio changes, how to make good use of compute shaders, new input additions, and more kernel rewrites.

Progress Report January 2021
February 10 2021 - 2021-02-10T12:00:00-03:00

Welcome yuz-ers, to the first progress report of 2021! We have quite a bit in store for you: from kernel and CPU emulation improvements to another major graphical rewrite. Here are the most important changes of January.

New Feature Release - Buffer Cache Rewrite
January 16 2021 - 2021-01-16T21:00:00-03:00

Hey there, yuz-ers! The follow-up to our previous big code rewrite is finally here: the Buffer Cache Rewrite! This massive undertaking not only improves performance significantly, but also simplifies the code for our developers. Now let’s get this article started!

Progress Report December 2020
January 10 2021 - 2021-01-10T12:00:00-03:00

Happy New Year, dear yuz-ers! 2020 is finally behind us, so what better way to start 2021 than with a progress report? Follow us for a summary of the last changes yuzu saw in 2020, and a small preview of what will come. This time we offer you kernel changes, new input and user interface additions, and the first changes applied to get the Buffer Cache Rewrite finished.

Progress Report November 2020
December 09 2020 - 2020-12-09T12:00:00-03:00

Salutations, yuz-ers! This is the November progress report which, for an unlimited time, will offer you hundreds of graphical fixes, improved performance, kernel changes, input additions, and major code cleanups.

Mini-Series - Dev Interview #3
December 03 2020 - 2020-12-03T01:45:00+01:00

Hey there yuz-ers, welcome to the third Developer Interview! It’s been a while since the last installment of this mini-series, so let’s jump right into the good stuff.

New Feature Release - Texture Cache Rewrite
November 22 2020 - 2020-11-22T16:00:00-03:00

Hi yuz-ers! We’re very excited to offer you one of the biggest code rewrites in yuzu’s history: The Texture Cache Rewrite! Now available to our Early Access members, continue reading to learn more.

Progress Report October 2020
November 10 2020 - 2020-11-10T12:00:00-03:00

How’s it going, yuz-ers? Here work continues. This month’s report offers you mythological hammers dropping, Vulkan and OpenGL stability fixes, and some news on the continued fight to make Super Mario 3D All-Stars render.

Online Support Removed
November 02 2020 - 2020-11-02T18:00:00-08:00

We are saddened to report that we have removed online support from yuzu, indefinitely, and effective immediately. We apologize to our community for the confusion and disappointment surrounding this release, and especially to those who were excited to try this feature.

Progress Report September 2020
September 30 2020 - 2020-09-30T12:00:00-03:00

Greetings yuz-ers! Welcome to September’s progress report. This month we offer you the joy of motion, video playback, more input fixes and additions, small Vulkan improvements, and the initial groundwork needed to get Super Mario 3D All-Stars playable.

New Feature Release - NVDEC emulation!
September 29 2020 - 2020-09-29T23:20:00+05:30

Hello, yuzu fans! Tired of broken cutscenes and having to mash your controller buttons in hopes of skipping them? Well, look no further! Thanks to the efforts of epicboy, yuzu can now play (most of) your favorite in-game cutscene videos. Jump right in to find out more!

Progress Report August 2020
August 30 2020 - 2020-08-30T12:00:00-03:00

Yahallo yuz-ers! We hope you are doing well. This monthly report has a few critical topics to cover. Yet another major rewrite is done, some graphical bugs are fixed, the UI is further refined, and ghosts from our past are expelled. Here we go!

Progress Report July 2020
August 04 2020 - 2020-08-04T12:00:00-03:00

Hey yuz-ers, what is up and welcome back to the… progress report. In this monthly report, we offer you major rewrites to critical components, another successful attack on shader compilation times, tons of game fixes, and the promise of a very bright future ahead. Let’s get started!

Progress Report June 2020
July 01 2020 - 2020-07-01T12:00:00-03:00

Hello fellow yuz-ers! We hope you are doing well. Once again, we’re here to tell you about some of the exciting changes that were implemented last month in both yuzu Mainline and Early Access.

Progress Report May 2020
June 07 2020 - 2020-06-07T03:15:00-03:00

Hello yuz-ers! How are you all doing?

In this monthly episode of “yuzu — Trials and Tribulations,” we offer you: major rewrites, massive performance gains, stability improvements, bug fixes and graphical corrections. More after the commercial break.

Progress Report April 2020
May 28 2020 - 2020-05-28T12:00:00-03:00

Hello awesome yuz-ers! We hope you are all doing well. We have lots of material to cover in this April progress report: some new additions, bug and regression fixes, and the groundwork for future improvements that affect both Mainline and Early Access. But first, let’s discuss a few really big changes.

New Feature Release - Prometheus
May 09 2020 - 2020-05-09T05:37:00+05:30

Hello there, yuzu fans! We are very excited to share the news of another major feature release. Thanks to the efforts of our dev Blinkhawk, yuzu now supports Multicore CPU emulation. Hop right in, to read more about it!

Progress Report March 2020
April 20 2020 - 2020-04-20T07:11:00-03:00

How are you doing in this quarantine, yuzu fans? We hope you are all staying in your homes safe and sound. Today, we are bringing you a report on a few changes from the past month for both the Early Access and regular Mainline versions of yuzu.

New Feature Release - Vulkan
December 03 2019 - 2019-12-03T21:17:00+05:30

A very good day to all you yuz-ers out there. The curtains are up and the most awaited feature of yuzu is finally here! The Vulkan renderer for yuzu is now available for users on Early Access. To find out more about it, jump right in!

Introducing yuzu Early Access
December 01 2019 - 2019-12-01T20:15:00+05:30

A very good day to you all out there! Today, we are excited to announce a new yuzu official release channel for our Patreon subscribers — yuzu Early Access. It comes with all the perks you’re already accustomed to and more.

yuzu Patreon Release October 2019
October 08 2019 - 2019-10-08T04:00:00+05:30

Hey there yuz-ers! Curious about what we have in store for you? It’s the October Patreon preview release! This build showcases the new game in town, The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening, in yuzu! Hop right in to find out more.

yuzu - The Migration
October 07 2019 - 2019-10-07T06:20:00+05:30

A very good day to all the yuz-ers out there! We are currently in the process of merging both the Canary and Nightly versions of yuzu into a single release channel. Jump right in to find out more about this!

yuzu Patreon Preview Release September 2019
September 09 2019 - 2019-09-09T01:18:00+05:30

Good Day yuz-ers! (yeah, that’s sticking!) Many of you thought that yuzu’s development slowed down, didn’t you? Well, guess again - The team has been working tirelessly to bring you this exciting new feature! What is it? Jump right in to find out!

Mini-Series - Dev Interview #2
August 09 2019 - 2019-08-09T11:48:00+05:30

Good day, yuz-ers (bad pun, I know)! While our devs are hard at work trying to bring you more performance improvements and game compatibility, we are back again with something a little bit more interesting - Dev Interview #2. Jump right in, to find out who we’re interviewing this time.

yuzu Patreon Preview Release July 2019
July 02 2019 - 2019-07-02T21:55:00+05:30

Hey there, people! You won’t believe what we’ve got in store for you this time! The new Patreon preview has a big surprise waiting for you. Hop in now, to find out more details.

Mini-Series - Dev Interview #1
June 16 2019 - 2019-06-16T23:00:00+05:30

Hey there, people! This is a new mini-series of dev interviews, with which we sneak a peek into the lives of our developers.

yuzu Patreon Preview Release June 12th
June 12 2019 - 2019-06-12T03:48:00+05:30

Good day, yuzu fans! Today we bring you another exciting yuzu update with the June 2019 Patreon Preview Release! We heard your feedback - this time around, we have some major graphical fixes!

New Feature - Boxcat
May 23 2019 - 2019-05-23T23:00:00+05:30

Good day, yuzu fans! Today we bring you another exciting Switch feature which will create opportunities, for new in-game content across various games! Without further ado, let’s get started!

yuzu Patreon Preview Release
February 11 2019 - 2019-02-11T03:48:00+05:30

A very good day to all you yuzu fans out there! Today we are here to share with you some very exciting news for our biggest supporters!

Progress Report 2018 Part 4
December 03 2018 - 2018-12-03T04:00:00+05:30

Sorry for keeping you guys waiting! A whole slew of new updates and a ton of progress await you. Let’s not waste anymore time and get the party started.

Progress Report 2018 Part 3
September 11 2018 - 2018-09-11T22:00:00+05:30

It’s only been over a month since our last report, and we have made so much progress already that we simply can’t wait to share it with you guys. Without further ado, let’s dive in.

Progress Report 2018 Part 2
July 21 2018 - 2018-07-21T20:00:00+05:30

We bring you part 2 of the extensive coverage on yuzu’s tremendous progress. So buckle up for an exciting ride, cause its gonna blow your mind!  

***Haven't read the first part yet? Read it [here](https://yuzu-emu.org/entry/yuzu-progress-report-2018-p1)***
Progress Report 2018 Part 1
July 14 2018 - 2018-07-14T08:00:00+05:30

It’s been a bumpy ride. We have had lots of stuff happen to yuzu and we are excited to share that with you. Let’s get started!

First games are running!
April 15 2018 - 2018-04-15T01:18:00-05:00

A major milestone in yuzu has been reached, as it can now boot a handful of the Nintendo Switch’s more primitive games. Don’t believe us? Take a look!