New Feature Release - Installer for Linux
Written by CaptV0rt3x on August 11 2022

Hey there, yuz-ers! Guess what? We’ve got some news to share. We’re excited to announce that the yuzu installer now supports Linux! Let’s jump right in!

What’s happening?

As we mentioned, the yuzu installer is available for Linux. The installer will distribute AppImages of Mainline and Early Access builds for our Linux users.

You can now download the new installer from our Downloads page.

(Note: Early Access builds require a subscription to our Patreon. We appreciate any and all support!)


When we originally released our installer, our user base was predominantly composed of Windows users. Although a weak excuse, that’s why the installer’s Linux compatibility wasn’t a priority for us then.

But, over the years we’ve seen consistent growth in the number of our Linux users and realized that we had to ensure that they reaped the benefits of the installer too. We’re so happy our Linux community continues to expand and support us.

 It's never a bad idea to pick both builds

It's never a bad idea to pick both builds

Thanks to the efforts of toastUnlimited, who implemented Linux compatibility for the installer, we’re now able to address this long overdue feature request.

 Remember, we update daily!

Remember, we update daily!


As with any new update, we’ve tested the installer internally, but our efforts can’t compare to the community as a whole. We could have easily missed an edge case or some weird bug or issue. So, please reach out to us on our Discord and report any bugs you find, so that we can quickly address them.

That’s all we have for now, until next time! Happy emulating!

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