yuzu Patreon Preview Release
Written by CaptV0rt3x on February 11 2019

A very good day to all you yuzu fans out there! Today we are here to share with you some very exciting news for our biggest supporters!


As a start, let’s talk about how emulator development works from a bird’s-eye view. We all know that developing emulators requires significant reverse-engineering and programming knowledge, as well as lots of coding, testing, and bug fixing. That’s the technical stuff. But before we can even get there, we need people who have the required skills and are willing to invest their time and effort into the project. These people, our Developers, work tirelessly to keep Switch emulation progressing. They work mostly in their free time and are very passionate about the project.

Super Mario Odyssey

Super Mario Odyssey

Wait a second, you guys probably already know all this stuff. What you might not know is that, most of the time these developers work for free. They don’t get paid for their efforts nor do they ask to be paid. In addition to our development costs (Switch consoles and games, web services, etc.), some of our developers are in situations that would really benefit from even a small amount of income from this project.

As you probably know, we created a Patreon to address this need. We have asked the community to help us by subscribing and they heard. We now have over 200 patrons who collectively contribute to our project! We would like to sincerely thank them for their love, support, and contributions!

When we decided to create a Patreon, we promised our patrons that they would get access to exclusive content as a thank you. Until now, we have only partially fulfilled our promise - by means of exclusive Discord support. It’s about time we fulfilled on our promise.

Big News

As a token of our thanks, we are announcing today that we will be releasing a special Preview of yuzu to our patrons!

We’ve made lots of incredible progress that we’d like to share first with the folks who have been our biggest supporters and fans.

Starting today, patrons with donations of 5$/month and above (Patreon Roles: Supporter, Member, VIP) will get early access to new features via a yuzu Patreon Preview, before this content becomes available in our Nightly and Canary releases.

Features found in this preview are not exclusive and will definitely be available for regular users within a few days. In accordance with our open source license, the source code for these previews will be made available to our patrons.

This is just a preview release and is not similar to our Nightly or Canary builds - which get updated daily. We may do similar releases like this in the future as we have more exciting new features to share, but not with any set regularity. Support for this preview version will be given exclusively via the Patreon channels on our Discord server.

The Legend of Zelda - Breath of the Wild

Super Mario Odyssey

If you’d like to try out this preview release, please head on over to our Patreon to get access! Thank you again for your support!