Not Tested
The game has not yet been tested.


Fire Emblem: Three Houses


Encountered Issues

The following issues are encountered that the developers of yuzu are aware of:

  • (major) Pre-rendered video cutscenes do not play and display as black (although the white text may show up underneath): Cutscenes rendered on the console (for example, when characters have dialogue with one other characters) and cutscenes involving still backgrounds with animations overlayed still do render.
  • (major) Both Chapter 15 - Valley of Torment and Chapter 17 - Blood of the Eagle and Lion cause an unskippable cutscene crash on video GPUs that are not AMD (although AMD GPUs also take a major performance hit compared to NVIDIA GPUs).
  • (major) Music is too loud and turning it off in settings doesn’t work. Basically you hear only music. No battle SFX or character selection quotes, and Rain/Thunder versions of music play simultaneously (not switching between map version and battle version).
  • (major) Sound is stuttering.
  • (minor) SFX in battle doesn’t work.
  • (minor) Some audio artifacts inside the Academy.
  • (minor) Game freeze in tournaments VERY often.


  • Largely accurate


  • Runs at around 25 fps on a R7 1700@4Ghz and a GTX 970 with 16Gb of RAM. Inside the academy performance doesn’t exceed 20 fps.
  • On an i7 6500U@3.1Ghz with 8GB of RAM, expected performance is 33-51% of performance in the overworld. 100% performance only in cutscenes and on small maps
  • Runs between 10 and 12 fps on a i5-7300hq@2.5Ghz with a GTX 1050 and 16Gb of RAM in the 3D parts, but nearly all the time at 100% speed on the maps parts
  • Runs at around 45-60 fps on a i7 9700k and a Radeon RX 580 with 16GB of RAM. Screen freeze for about 0,5sec form time to time.


This game is untested. Please play through this game and report your compatibility with this title.