Kero Blaster


Status: Currently fully playable on Windows Yuzu 808. No graphical errors. No audio issues. Runs as smoothly as it did on a regular Switch. Modded Switch still untested.

File: Kero Blaster [madloader][v0].nsp

Last Used: 11/17/2021


  • Original: Black creatures are popping up everywhere, driving the locals and wildlife crazy, clogging up teleporter traffic, warping the fabric of reality, and worst of all…the boss is angry about it. As the ‘Janitor’ of the Cat & Frog Teleporter Company, it’s your job to find what’s gunking up the other side and ‘clean up’ using your trusty Peashooter and a myriad of other obtainable (and upgradable) weapons.

  • ZANGYOU: With the reality bending threat gone, it’s time to dump all your effort into finishing paperwork in time for the company trip. But, just as the last period and stamp was added to the last sheet, more work popped up out of the blue. With our last hero taking a much needed rest after solving the city’s recent crisis, it all falls on to the shoulders of the other coworkers of Cat & Frog Inc. (more specifically the newbie desk jockey) to deal with the ever increasing workload and to solve the mystery of the ‘Work Producing Machine’ and it’s origin.

  • Hard Mode: Was the game too easy for you. We are sorry to hear that. As compensation for the inconvenience, the hard working employees at Cat & Frog’s R&D Department would like to present you with a complimentary challenge, complete with stronger and oddly placed enemies, scarcer resources, and a nifty Single Vitality Heart Container (SiViHeCo) free of charge. And for an unlimited time only, any patrons who’ve finished the game will receive a perma-pass to the Boss Rush facility, where you’ll get a chance to see how the magic happens first hand. Thank you for playing! :)


Build Date Tested By Hardware Version Rating
02/24/2019 on 02/24/2019 AMD A8-7600 Radeon R7, 10 Compute Cores 4C+6G
AMD Radeon HD 7700 Series
Canary Build
Game is completely unplayable due to major graphical or audio glitches. Unable to progress past the Start Screen.