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Error Codes Reference

To use this list, press Ctrl-F and then type in the error code from yuzu. This should look similar to XXXX-XXXX where the Xs represent numbers and letters.

Key Errors

Please use the general how-to guide, which includes instructions on dumping the necessary files from your switch to have yuzu derive all of your keys,
For all: If you try to run recent games and you haven’t done the key derivation process recently, you may need to redump and rerun it as newer games use newer keys only available on newer firmwares. Getting an incorrect key means you might have a bad dump of your switch’s files. Try again and if it persists, contact the discord. If you are missing the titlekey or an update won’t load, sometimes updates change the titlekey between versions – either way redump and if that doesn’t work contact the discord/devs.
Error Code Name
0008-000C ErrorMissingProductionKeyFile
0008-000D ErrorMissingHeaderKey
0008-000E ErrorIncorrectHeaderKey
0008-0011 ErrorMissingTitlekey
0008-0012 ErrorMissingTitlekek
0008-0014 ErrorMissingKeyAreaKey
0008-0015 ErrorIncorrectKeyAreaKey
0008-0016 ErrorIncorrectTitlekeyOrTitlekek
0008-0018 ErrorNCANotProgram

Other Common Errors

Error Code Name
0008-001C ErrorNullFile
The file your are trying to use is empty and contains no data. This is a sign of a bad copy or corrupt storage device.
0008-001D ErrorMissingNPDM
Ensure that your rom directory has a file called main.npdm. This is used to determine key info about how to run the game and is required to run. You may need to redump if you deleted this.
0008-001E Error32BitISA
The game you are trying to run uses the 32-bit ARM architecture, which is not currently supported by yuzu.
0008-0029 ErrorNAXInconvertibleToNCA
The NAX file you are trying to run is not a game but in fact a save file. Double check your files.
0008-002A ErrorBadNAXFilePath
You can only execute games that are NAX encrypted if they are left in the original directory structure from the SD card (registered/<hex digits>.nca/00). The hex digits contain needed data to decrypt the game properly.
0008-0039 ErrorMissingBKTRBaseRomFS
You are trying to run a game update, which isn’t possible. To use a game update, instead go to File > Install file to NAND… and select the update from that menu. After it’s done, launch the base game and yuzu will apply the update.

Corruption Errors - All of these errors are indicative of a bad/corrupt dump. If there are no special instructions, try redumping. Should the error persist contact the devs/discord for help.

Error Code Name
0008-0004 ErrorBadNPDMHeader
0008-0005 ErrorBadACIDHeader
0008-0006 ErrorBadACIHeader
0008-0007 ErrorBadFileAccessControl
0008-0008 ErrorBadFileAccessHeader
0008-0009 ErrorBadPFSHeader
0008-000A ErrorIncorrectPFSFileSize
0008-0013 ErrorInvalidRightsID
0008-0017 ErrorXCIMissingProgramNCA
In some rare cases, this has been known to appear with missing keys. Try rederiving your keys and if that doesn’t work contact the devs.
0008-0019 ErrorNoExeFS
0008-001A ErrorBadXCIHeader
0008-001B ErrorXCIMissingPartition
If you trimmed your XCI, it might have been done improperly. Try avoiding trimming.
0008-001F ErrorNoRomFS
0008-0020 ErrorIncorrectELFFileSize
0008-0021 ErrorLoadingNRO
0008-0022 ErrorNoIcon
0008-0023 ErrorNoControl
0008-0024 ErrorBadNAXHeader
0008-0025 ErrorIncorrectNAXFileSize
0008-0031 ErrorNSPMissingProgramNCA
0008-0032 ErrorBadBKTRHeader

Less Common General Errors - You should not expect to see these unless you are doing more than just playing games

Error Code Name
0008-000F ErrorNCA2
The NCA you are attempting to load is using an older format that is not currently supported. If you would like support to be added, consider filing an issue.
0008-0010 ErrorNCA0
The NCA you are attempting to load is using an older format that is not currently supported. If you would like support to be added, consider filing an issue.

Less Common Key Errors - Below errors should not be obtained if using the normal key derivation process (which is highly encouraged for newcomers), but if you are not using it these errors will make sense to you.

Error Code Name
0008-002B ErrorMissingSDSeed
0008-002C ErrorMissingSDKEKSource
0008-002D ErrorMissingAESKEKGenerationSource
0008-002E ErrorMissingAESKeyGenerationSource
0008-002F ErrorMissingSDSaveKeySource
0008-0030 ErrorMissingSDNCAKeySource

Internal Errors - Should never be seen ever. Report to the devs immediately.

Error Code Name
0008-0000 Success
0008-0001 ErrorAlreadyLoaded
0008-0002 ErrorNotImplemented
0008-0003 ErrorNotInitialized
0008-0026 ErrorNAXKeyHMACFailed
0008-0027 ErrorNAXValidationHMACFailed
0008-0028 ErrorNAXKeyDerivationFailed
0008-0033 ErrorBKTRSubsectionNotAfterRelocation
0008-0034 ErrorBKTRSubsectionNotAtEnd
0008-0035 ErrorBadRelocationBlock
0008-0036 ErrorBadSubsectionBlock
0008-0037 ErrorBadRelocationBuckets
0008-0038 ErrorBadSubsectionBuckets